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Prevention Services

  • Complete system backup (OS and programs partition)
  • Full install (or replacement) of the OS on a blank PC with an optimized configuration

Tailored annual maintenance contracts

Sale of peripherals

  • screena, printers, keyboards, mice, etc

OS Maintenance Services

  • Virus and spyware eradication
  • Hard disk cleaning
  • General Windows maintenance
  • Full reinstall or upgrading of Windows

Hardware Maintenance

  • HD diagnosis and repair (when applicable)
  • HD replacement and data migration
  • Diagnosis and/or replacement of external peripherals
  • Diagnosis and/or replacement of internal parts (replacement or upgrade)

Computer Building

  • Advice regarding appropriate hardware
  • Assembly and delivery of new system
  • Tutoring Services

    • Instruction to the most common software programs in use or specific ones if required

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